Changing the culture through the culture by celebrating our grads!

After standing on our organizational pillars to educate, empower, and elevate over the past 5 years. We have undoubtably noticed the societal shift of focus in our youth; especially as it pertains to education. Understanding the disconnect between urban culture and education, School House Trap Annual Graduation Party seeks to change the culture through the culture. We understand the power of art in all of its forms and the influence that art has culturally. With this annual celebration, we seek to create a highly anticipated incentive-based fusion of both education and art that is desirable for all high school students to attend.

SchoolHouse Trap High School Graduation Party: This event will highlight and celebrate the graduation class of 2020 for students in the Denver metro and surrounding areas. The idea is to offer a collective celebration that will allow several local kids to celebrate their accomplishments with their peers.

Leading up to this event will be the weekly talent showcase, DLITE Denver Event where local youth artists are able to perform and gain experience, while creating an art fusion like no other. Check out DLITE Denver for more info.

Supported by the Denver Arts & Venues Cultural Partner Program.