"Pride- You represent yourself, your family & your community!"

Who we are

We are the newest addition to the education ecosystem—a powerful and enduring force for change, dedicated to protecting and expanding the opportunities & education for quality of life. Specializing in Successful Intelligence Education.
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Our mission

Empower, enrich, and educate families through identifying individual learning styles that compliment achieving success & developing a legacy, thus, eliminating the cycle of miseducation, behavioral misdiagnosis, and generational poverty.

Our goals

That every family, regardless of socioeconomic status, has the freedom to learn entrepreneurship, financial literacy; with an emphasis on ensuring these families have access to resources from a full spectrum of quality educators and mentors
symbiotically to achieve and leave a legacy.

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    Being able to relate, engage, and empower them to aspire to achieve. Through consistent support, and willingness to sacrifice their time and knowledge to uplift and inspire the youth to progression.


    Our approach to entrepreneurial development is engaging and unique. In order to galvanize the youth we employ hands on and exposure experiences to bring innovative and creative STEM learning to the forefront.


    Throughout our operation, we have provided many resources such as meals, clothes, school supplies, mentoring, countless hours of volunteer work and much more to numerous families in the less fortunate communities across Colorado.