Young Gents Club / Golden Ladies Initiative

Young Gents Club-Young Gents Club’s purpose is to empower young men ages 8-16, to have strong work ethic, self-worth, and pride in themselves, their family & their community. We will emphasize teaching our young men the values of RESPECT, INTEGRITY, HONESTY, HARD WORK, TEAMWORK, AND LEADERSHIP… Sign your sons up today!!




Golden Ladies Initiative is focused on equipping young ladies with life skills and being exemplary to them in order to help them to be successful and progress into productive and confident women exuding high values and morals.


Virtuous- Having high moral standards and adhering to them.

Eloquent- Being well spoken, having the ability to articulate.

Considerate- Being mindful of others’ feelings and well-being.

Respectful- Exhibiting esteem and/or honor to others and ourselves.

Refined- Distinguished, cultured and sophisticated.

Modest- Showing humility, while avoiding the conceited or self-absorbed behavior.

Confident- Belief in your abilities, having knowledge of self-worth and esteem.

Gracious- Demonstrating kind and courteous behavior.

Composed- Possessing serenity even in midst of trouble.

Noble- Having courage and strength to uphold righteousness.


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