Dream Culture Legacy Academy 

Dream Culture’s Legacy Academy programs are rewarding and immersive, conducted to challenge our youth to develop legacies of their own. Our Legacy development programs are comprised of several unique curricula allowing us to educate our youth in entrepreneurship, community leadership, and developing a legacy to leave behind in all our urban communities across America. With a distinctive understanding of the urban landscape that must be navigated by those creating legacies of their own; we have an exclusive symbiosis that allows us to bridge the gap between where our students are and where they aspire to go!


Lil’ BIG Business Entrepreneurial Development 

Entrepreneurial Development class is specifically designed for the youth, ages 8-18 (Elementary G4-High school G12)

  • Lil Big Business focal points –
    • Legacy Building 
    • Concept Development
    • Business Ethics
    • Budget Analysis 
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Strategic Implementation
    • Proposals & Presentations
    • Economics Basics


Alpha & Omega Tutoring

Dream Culture provides weekly tutoring for students grades K-12.

  • Tutoring includes-
    • General Studies
    • Specialized projects
    • Advanced Placement
    • ESL/Bilingual


LIT Academy

  • LIT Academy is designed to strengthen –

    • Phonics
    • Reading & Writing Comprehension 
    • Verbal & Non -Verbal Communication
    • Vocabulary
    • Creative Writing 



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CampHER– Summer Camp    For Girls Ages 6-16 

Teach a Man To Fish   ( Click here for more info)

Summer Camp for Boys Ages 6-16



Golden Ladies Initiative 

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Girl’s Mentorship Program  Ages 8-18







Mentorship Program

for boys ages 8-18

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Single Moms Support Group

To provide support and resources to a community of single mothers through fellowship. We will establish a sisterhood of women, uplifting them to overcome obstacles.